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As we celebrate the launch of our comprehensive skin care and beauty product line, we are proud to present over 120 amazing skin care products, divided into 5 unique and cutting edge brands. To know more about what we can offer, as well as the details of our breakthrough products, please check our retail web sites Medidermstore, Nanodermix, NanoVera and check our online catalog at Mediderm products catalog. For all wholesale, salon, spa, clinics, export and distributorship inquiries contact us at,

What's more, Mediderm Laboratories, LLC. also provides one stop shop advantages for Private Label & Contract manufacturing, we can Formulate any product and also offer both Pre-Packaged Stock Products, even Custom Products to suit your cream, lotion, or cleanser preferences. We can also offer wholesale Containers & Packaging, Labeling, and many other services. Mediderm is the world leader in the skincare and beauty product industry; we are the company behind many world-renown products as we work hand in hand with companies and businesses all over the world, from the Unites States and all the way to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We do private label products for both individuals & groups and we can supply distributors and corporate clients with a wide range of skin care and other stock products such as OEM skin care, private label skin care, private label cosmetics, OEM skincare, private label skincare, skin care contract manufacturer, and even private label hair care. We would be more than happy to do the same for you and your group as well.

Our top scientists can work with your formula and we can manufacture it for you, or on the other hand, we can formulate any product you want to order. We can also supply you with our wide array of Stock Products, which can be Customized to suit private label preferences. Customized Stock Products are available within our standard 1500-5000 piece minimums or Bulk 100 kg - 299 kg minimum quantity ranges. Pre-Packaged Stock Products are available in similar ranges but with lower minimums of 500 or 300-piece product samples, we can also supply you with an order as low as 100-piece product samples for clients to test market products of choice with less initial cash outlay. And with Private Label contract manufacturing, we can offer you with other services as well or we can also let you handle the container & packaging and we can do just the filling of Custom Products into your Containers. We can also work with you just on the wholesale Containers you need with or without Silk-screening. You can review descriptions of our full line and Stock Products for Skin Care & Hair Care, for Face, Body, Sun protection and Spa, plus wholesale Containers for Packaging with Acrylic, Glass, Plastic Jars, Bottles, and Tubes in the different sections here on our main website.

For facial needs, we specialize in products for dry, oily, and sensitive skin; we also have products for Anti-Aging, Acne, Lip care, Whitening, Eye Care products, Luxury Care, Patches, Masks, Little Miracles and Extrait de Caviar serums. For Body care, we focus on Sexy Breast, Sexy Legs, Scar Repair, Stretch Mark treatments, Sun protection and Self-Tanning products. We also offer Hair Care shampoo, conditioners, pre-styling and styling products, as well as Bath & Body and Intimate & Sensual products. All of which are available in wholesale Containers of all sizes & Packaging.

We can work with companies of all sizes, we can cater to the needs of large-scale business as well as start-up or small-time companies and boutiques, what is most important is that we cover all realms of Private Label manufacturing. Overall, we do Product Formulations, Production, and Packaging. We offer a very flexible and comprehensive service, we can work with your formula or Create a Formula for you, we can even Customize the formulation or packaging of our Stock Products private label skin care, OEM skin care, private label cosmetics, OEM skincare, private label skincare, skin care contract manufacturer and private label hair care to suit for Private Label needs.

For those who want to start with lower minimum quantities, our Pre-Packaged stock products would be the perfect fit, and unlike other companies, we offer a wide range of PRE-PACKAGED STOCK PRODUCTS, as well as CUSTOM STOCK PRODUCTS to suit your needs; we also have a CUSTOM PRODUCT FORMULATION from scratch for Private Label Mfg. We can supply Products by PIECE or in BULK by kilograms (divide kg by 4 for gallon equivalent), or just enough to supply wholesale CONTAINERS only, whether they be high end or lower end Jars, Bottles, Tubes, and etc.

And what's great about our Pre-Packaged Stock Products is that we have just recently introduced LOWER MINIMUMS, our product sample MINIMUMS ARE NOW AS LOW 500, 300, and even 100 pcs. for some of our pre-packaged Stock products in lieu of the previous standard which ranged from 1500 to 5000-piece minimums for the Custom Products. Since these ranges depend upon different factors as well as on the product itself, you can contact our sales department for more information about your own needs. In order to be able to better accommodate clients who want to test market a wider range of products at minimal costs, the Minimums on Custom Formulations and minimums on Wholesale Containers are still the same standard minimums as before, nevertheless, they are still subject to Container size. For smaller quantity Container needs however, the various CONTAINERS used in prepackaging of our Stock Products are NOW also available in lower quantities of 1500 pieces or less, with a MINIMUM of ONLY 1500 pieces, instead of the standard 5000 to 10,000-piece minimum on Wholesale Containers.

For inquiries or if you need to know more about what we can do for you, Email us at or call us at 562-944-2211 and tell us what products and at what quantities

are you interested in ordering. Please specify whether you prefer Stock Products Pre-Packaged or Stock Products Customized, or if you prefer to have products Custom Formulated for your private label, and we will gladly send you price quotes accordingly.

At Mediderm Laboratories, LLC., we can do almost any formula for product marketing whether you are planning to put your product in the mass market, in large retail stores or online stores such as Drugsrore, Sephora, Dermatologistrx, Bestskincare, Dermatologica, Skinstore, Diamondbeauty, Essentialdayspa.

You can check our new brands and the latest updates from our company at Mediderm products catalog. Be sure to visit our new web brands websites: Medidermstore, Nanodermix and NanoVera. Please send all inquiries for our brands wholesale/distributorship to