Private label skin care, cosmetics, hair care, body and bath, sunscreens, self tanners, salon and spa products, OTC products, anti-aging, acne, basic skin care products, in addition to many more ...

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Mediderm Laboratories, LLC., provides “one stop shop” Private Label & Contract manufacturing, we can Formulate any product and also we offer Stock Products with 100s of stock products to select from and get your brand launch up to the speed in few weeks. We do business in many different countries all over the world, in the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc., and our Mediderm Laboratories name is behind many prestigious products… We do private label products for individuals & groups and we supply distributors and corporate clients with a wide range of skin care and other stock products, which we would be anxious to do for you and your group as well

We can work with your formula or we can formulate any product you want, or we can also supply you from our wide array of Stock Products, which can be Customized to suit private label preferences... Customized Products are available within our standard 2500 – 5000 piece minimums or Bulk 100 kg - 299 kg minimum quantity ranges...

Stock Private Label Products are available at much lower minimum as low as 100 units per item, depend on the item. We can also work with you just on the containers you need with or without labeling or silk-screening.

We work with companies of all sizes, including those just starting out, and we cover all realms of importance regarding Private Label manufacturing… Overall, we do Product Formulations, Production, and Packaging… We can work with your formula or Create a Formula for you… Or we can Customize the formulation or packaging of our Stock Products to suit for Private Label… We can also supply clients from our Stock Products, which are particularly suited to clients who want to start with lower minimum quantities… Consequently, unlike other companies, we offer a wide range of  STOCK PRODUCTS to suit your needs. We can supply Products by PIECE or in BULK by the gallons.

All of our products are paraben free, never tested on animals.

The advantage of stock private label/ White Label/ OEM Contract Manufacturer for Cosmetic and Skin Care/ Body Care/ Hair Care/ Body and bath products is that you can launch your own brand or products with your name on in very short period of time, we have customers who launched a complete line in 2-4 weeks and successfully sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Among the products we offer as stock private label:

1- Cleansers and toners for dry, sensitive, oily, blemished skin.

2- Skin moisturizers/ day cream, creams under make up for dry, sensitive, oily and blemished skin

3- Night creams and anti-aging creams with latest peptides and latest anti-aging ingredients.

4- Skin serums concentrates for pore tightening, face lifting, acne or oily skin, stem cell and many more.

5- Vitamin C serums, Hyaluronic acid serums, Niacinamide serums, stem cell serums.

6- Skin peeling creams with glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, kojic acid, enzyme peeling and much more.

7- Skin brightening & lightening products with kojic acid, alpha arbutin, gigawhite and more (creams and serums)

8- Anti-acne products with salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide (all benzoyl peroxide anti-acne products have 5000 units minimum, the rest can be as low as 100 units)

9- Skin and body scrubs such as microdermabrasion, regular scrubs.

10- Skin luxury products with caviar collection (day, night creams, serums, eye serums, masks), with pearl and gold and platinum and jade. Amazing luxury products!

11- Anti-cellulite, stretch mark repair products and scar silicone gels.

12- Blackhead black activated charcoal peel off masks

13- over 10 different types of powder peel off masks for one time use, unique concept, instant glowing skin.

14- over 10 different types of cup peeling masks, very new concept for 2017.

15- Many different types of creams and gel masks.

16- Facial masks of tissue type- one time use- 10+ different types.

17- Natural private label body and bath products and skin moisturizers, serums and masks.

18- Natural body lotions with essential oils.

19- Natural shower gels/ body washes with essential oils.

20- Natural bath salts with essential oils.

21- Over 30+ types of 100% pure essential oils.

22- Natural hair shampoos, conditioners and hair oils.

23- Natural Soap bars with essential oils.

24- Pain and muscle gels and creams.

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