Sexy, firm and shapely breasts are a dream for every woman, with these specialized new formulations, this dream is made possible.



First step for beautiful breasts and the neck area, used at regular intervals to purify the skin and clarify it’s tone and reveal the beauty underneath. Featuring the effectives and beneficial scrubbing action of Diatomaceous Earth, a hydro form of silica, which is white, insoluble and perfectly safe and non-aggressive.

Reveal peeling cream is an essential treatment for all skin types, should be performed two times a week (three times in summer), and in cabin should be performed before any body/leg treatment to prepare the skin.


• Reveals a radiant and healthy looking complexion.

• Removes accumulated skin cell debris from the surface of the skin.

• Purifies the skin of impurities and dead cells Refreshes and smoothes the skin’s surface.

• Refines and conditions the skin by providing essential nutrients.

Extrait De Caviar Luxury Night Repair Cream #C539

The one best thing you can do for your skin, an extra ordinary gel/concentrate that works to firm the breast. Its stimulating and firming ingredients strengthen the skin tissue to regain their natural shape and attraction. Formulated specifically for beautifying, tightening and re-sculpturing. It stimulates and invigorates tired skin, bringing back youthful freshness and smoothness.

Benefits :

• Sexy Breasts Firming & Moisturizing Cream – Counter acts the effects of skin fatigue.

• Rejuvenates tired skin and its effects. Promotes better breasts and body contours.

• Strengthens the skin tissue.

• Tenses and shapes up the skin of body areas.

• Enhances the appearance, tight and firm contours.

Active Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica and Siegesbeckia extracts have firming effects.

Horse chestnut : Rich in Ginkgo Biloba act on capillary vessels, improve micro circulation and offer a better drainage.

BHA : Softness and restructuring .

Shea Butter : Super moisturizing and soothing effects.