ITEM # 569

Is used as a special preparation for the cosmetic treatment that is at the same time concentrate and carrier of active substances.

The mask is a light mixture of powder, consisting of sodium carbonate (produced from Laminaria Digitata Algae) and regulating calcium salt. In combination with water it hardens and becomes a rubbery mask that seems to be a second skin. Algae Extract Mask reduces wrinkles, firms and moisturizes. It activates and intensifies the concentrates of active substances.

Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. During this time the skin is visibly stimulated and the receptiveness for the active substances applied below the mask is increased. The built-up of temperature below the mask amplifies the active substances and helps below the mask amplifies the active substances and helps them to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin while optimizing their effect.

The mask can be used for face, neck, hand, foot and body treatments.

Benefits :

• Encourages vascular constriction to calm flushed and irritated skin.

• Stimulates the blood circulation.

• Oxygenates the skin to facilitate toxic elimination.

• Provides a tightening effect to smooth out stress-and-age related living lines.

• Rejuvenates and energizes the skin cells


ITEM # 570

Due to the warmth the care and active ingredients re- infiltrated into the deeper layers of the skin.

The Thermo Mask builds up a warmth which goes beyond the usual body temperature. The care and active substances in combination with the included mineral salts are highly effective.

Below the mask a cream is always to be applied, such as our All Day Nutri Day Cream. A normal moisturizing cream is not suitable - Thermo masks are used for the cosmetic care of face, hands, breasts and legs.

The Thermo Modelage Mask acts in three ways:

• Muscles are brought to a completely relaxed position.

• Helps transport the active ingredients contained in the ampoules and creams , which penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

• During the treatment with the Thermo Modelage Mask the respective parts of the skin are remodeled. In the case of the face this means that fatigued and flabby facial contours are smoothed and firmed.


ITEM # 590

An ideal mask for spa and salon body wrap which can be covered by plastic film.

It has purifying, toning rebalancing effects.

It also has restructuring effects as well as softening.

The green clay is known for it’s superior re-mineralising, purifying and skin’s rebalancing.


ITEM # 580

Pure odourless dark blue –grey mask, rich in mineral matters (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and sodium) - ideal for body wrap, toning, soothing aching joints and muscles. It has soothing, regenerative effects, as well as purifying and toning effects.