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Amazing Eyebrow Growth Conditioning Serum - Private Label- Top Upscale Stores Seller

Private Label Amazing Eyebrow Serum With Patented Peptides. This top upscale department stores and Amazon seller contains peptides and amino-acids that enhance the eyebrows hair and helps maintain healthy and youthful looking Eyebrows.

The best solution for amazing looking eyes relies on great thick eyebrows. Amazing Eyebrow Serum is capable of increasing the overall density of eeyebrows by thickening and fortifying them.


1- SymPeptide® which stimulates the keratin genes expression responsible for more densified eyelashes (in-vitro) (while the study was on eyelashes, it will work same on eyebrows hair)

    • Significantly induced hair-specific keratin genes
    • Induced genes belong to keratin type 1 and type 2
    • Induced genes are expressed all over the inner root sheath
    • Clinical tests showed fast & visible results starts from 2 weeks post use
    • Clinical tests showed enhanced overall density of eyelashes up to 66% within 4 weeks

2- Follicusan : stimulates the functionality of the dermal papilla cells at the base of the hair follicles, thus counteracting premature hair loss. It increases the number of anagen hair follicles (growth stage) and decreases that of telogen hair follicles (resting stage). Hair density as well as cumulative hair thickness is increased. 

3- Biotin and Vitamin F:

Paraben free.

Comes in eyeliner type of packaging. 7 ml


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