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Private Label Manufacturer

We offer some stock cosmetics Packaging jars and bottles you will see on this page at minimum of 500 units per size per color per style, see below the stock items which you can choice instead of our regular private label stock jars and bottles.

In order to help you with your brands as one stop shop, we offer other cosmetic packaging of different styles and colors other than the original private label packaging that our stock private label products are filled in, you can change the packaging to any of the packaging listed on this page as long as you order the minimum of the cosmetic jars and bottles available on this page at the links below. There are some limitations for jars and bottles available at low quantity that is lower than 5000 units per product. Check the availability per links below.

Cosmetics Labels and Cosmetics Boxes: in addition: we offer cosmetic labels (as low as 1000 labels per product) and cosmetic boxes (as low as 1000 boxes per product).

Shrink sleeve- tamper evident sleeve : we also offer this service for as low as 1000 units.

We offer many different styles and colors for the jars and bottles, please check the PDF files links below, some already have prices and the rest will be updated soon


Check this PDF file for other cosmetic jars styles and colors 


Check this PDF file for other cosmetic bottles styles and colors