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Since 1999, 19 Years In Business


About Us

Mediderm Laboratories is a 19 years cosmetic manufacturer based in South Los Angeles/ CA/ USA. We are the leader in private label skin care/ hair care/ body & bath products and very soon color makeup/ cosmetics.

Our expertise in the fields of cosmetics & skincare & hair care manufacturing allows us to produce top quality products, natural and technical products that are sold at top department stores such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta and more, plus due to our very competitive prices we are able to produce products for mass market such as Wal-Mart, Target, Drug Stores (CVS, Rite Aid ....) as well as online market places such as Amazon, Jet, Wal-Mart …..

Our clients range from cosmetic companies, sellers on Amazon, doctors, professional market, trading companies, department stores, top social media influencers … They also range in size from fortune 100 to small starting companies.

We also take pride in being an FDA registered & cGMP Compliant personal and skin care contract manufacturer. With our two production facilities we are able to meet all of our customer needs  from formula to finish and as ONE STOP SHOP from design to finish.

Many of our formulas/ stock private label products are currently TOP SELLERS on Amazon and other market places/ stores.

We are currently have hundreds of stock private label formulas from which to choose, and you can learn more about them by visiting each category and make sure to check all pages as some categories may have more than one page. If you don't see a product you are looking for, please contact us as we may either have already developed it as none exclusive formula for others in which you can have similar formula at lower minimum or we can do it custom formula for you at the custom formulas minimum quantity (check our FAQ page)

Mediderm is one of few manufacturers in the USA (if any) to start offering Sheet Face Masks that are made at one of our facilities here in USA, we have just launched some Face mask Sheets in May.2018. Up to now: face sheet masks that are normally sold in the USA at top department stores and mass market are made either in China/ Korea/ Taiwan and are normally of inferior quality, We are proud to launch the private label sheet face masks that are made in the USA, all% natural made from the patented European Smartfiber AG/ Tencel Fibers made by Lenzing in Austria, 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, the sheet mask then brought here to the USA is soaked / packed in a pouch with various types of essence/serum for various skin effects here at one of our facilities in the USA. Check the masks link for more info.

Mediderm also offers its on own brands: Mediderm and 7 Jardins, more info on these two brands at the company retail website www.medidermstore.com , Mediderm brands are sold in the USA and in 50+ countries, our retail products are also sold at online marketplaces such as Amazon.com, Amazon Europe, Walmart.com, jet.com, ebay.com and many more.

Mediderm is expanding its private label skin care and personal care contract manufacturing and soon will add more products to meet the US and international markets demands.

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