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Microdermabrasion New Skin Scrub - Medidermlab

Microdermabrasion New Skin Scrub

Amazing skin exfoliation product that allows you to reveal new, beautiful and younger-looking skin underneath, it can easily help you get rid of dry, damaged, and dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. But unlike other skin polishing products, the Microdermabrasion polish is made from smooth, coated beads that can easily help you remove grime, dirt, and other skin impurities while getting rid of your dead skin cells at the same time.

The smooth, coated beads ensure that our product will be able to glide easily over your skin without causing any damage, minute cuts and scraping. This gentle polish can easily help you deal with the visible signs of skin aging and it can also help you get rid of age spots, liver spots, discolorations, acne blemishes and even fine wrinkles.

Mediderm's Microdermabrasion is unlike any other typical or high-end microdermabrasion products found in the market today, composed of smooth, round beads, it helps clear your skin from dirt and other impurities without causing damage to your skin's surface at all. These beads are coated to allow them to glide over the natural contour as well as the minute features of your skin; this allows you to get rid of skin irritants that might cause skin problems in the future without being too harsh or rough.

This is stock private label product, lead time approximately 1-6 weeks depend on the inventory and the other factors. We made it easy for you to order and start selling under your own name/ brand.

Product is packaged in two different stock packaging:
1- elegant glass jar with a black cap,
2- Acrylic frosted Jar with mate silver cap.
You can have any packaging you want (minimum applies), check our packaging link here to see what other available packaging at certain quantities, each packaging have its own minimum and lead time, plus you will need to pay more for that specific packaging. Our stock packaging is offered at very competitive price for you since we buy large quantities and try our best to keep them in stock.

we can order labels and boxes for you at 1000 units minimum, anything less than that we will be happy to send you to some labels companies and you can order directly from them. All products are sold without labels and boxes, all prices are FOB our facilities in Los Angeles / CA.


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