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Drying Lotion- Acne & Blemishes & Pimples- Private Label - Medidermlab

Drying Lotion- Acne & Blemishes & Pimples- Private Label

Private label Pimple Drying Lotion - Fast acting- Formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and sulfur to fight acne and blemishes overnight without irritating skin.

Just use it on pimples at night or in the morning and underneath makeup.

This private label acne drying lotion is luxurious liquid type that contain pinkish color that stays in the bottom of the bottle and require shake before use. This is top seller at prestigious & premium department stores such as Sephora and Nordstrom as well as top seller on luxury online sites.

Over 30 million people suffer from acne or what it called skin outbreaks which makes acne the most common skin disorder in USA

Acne results from the infected and blockage of the oil glands in the skin. Bacteria buildup and sebum over production will occur and the skin with these clogged pores will not be able to have its natural secretion of excess oils and that will cause the pores to form pumps (called acne) on the skin surface..

Acne occur on face, neck, chest, shoulders and back.

There are several types of acne:

  1. Whiteheads
  2. Inflammatory Papules (or pimples)
  3. Pustules

While around 70% of our products have 50 units minimums, this product requires 500 units are minimum. Product packaged in a glass clear bottle with regular cap, you can change the bottle to a clear or frosted plastic bottle.


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