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Skin Lightening Cream, Formula 1

Excellent cream for dark spot, liver spot, pigmentation, melasma and uneven skin tones, contains a concentrated original active Alpha Arbutin not fake Alpha Arbutin from China. ALPHA-ARBUTIN (based on DSM the manufacturer of the original ALPHA-ARBUTIN ingredient) typically activate skin lightness by inhibiting tyrosinase, one of the major enzymes involved in the formation of skin tan and age spots. The first visible results can be expected after four weeks, in contrast with other Arbutins like Beta-Arbutin, which take longer to achieve results. In vivo studies also demonstrate that ALPHA-ARBUTIN reduces the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure and helps to minimize the appearance of liver spots.
Clinical studies on ALPHA-ARBUTIN showed scientifically proven effects at low concentrations
More effective at 1.0% than Beta-Arbutin in vivo
Nine times more effective than Beta-Arbutin in vitro
Outstanding tyrosinase inhibition activity in vitro
Highly pure biosynthetic active ingredient
High performing enzyme related biotechnology
Furthermore clinical studies comparing the effects of ALPHA-ARBUTIN to Kocic Acid, Beta Arbutin and Hydroquinone: showed that ALPHA-ARBUTIN is 4 times more effective than Hydroquinone, 2 times more than Kocic Acid, 8 times more effective than Beta Arbutin.

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