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Top Trend Miracle Cleansing Conditioner (With Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamin C) - Medidermlab

Top Trend Miracle Cleansing Conditioner (With Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamin C)

This top trend cleansing conditioner is said to be a the new shampoo, it is a bye bye shampoo type of hair cleanser, it has barley there lather which is what makes the cleansing conditioner different from any regular shampoos out there, people have been switching to regular conditioners to cleanse their hair, while their hair may not look its best when they get started, soon later the hair will look the best ever per their reviews. Our Top Trend Miracle Cleansing Conditioner offers a early there lather and it is lighter than regular conditioners that should not be used for cleansing purposes.

This Cleansing conditioner contains no detergents but offers cleansing and hydrating benefits. Unlike traditional shampoos, this new top trends cleansing conditioner option allows your hair to be gently cleansed without stripping away its natural oils. This is an excellent option for thick, curly and difficult to manage hair.

Get that sleek, nourished shiny hair now, switch to the No Poo or No Shampoo new hair cleansing method.
It is also contains:
1- Keratin Amino Acid
2- Aloe Vera
3- Chamomile Flower Extract
4- Cucumber Fruit Extract
5- Vitamin E
6- Vitamin C
7- Panthenol
8- Calendula Flower Extract
9- Comfrey Root Extract

Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Soy Free

Formula never been tested on animals 

Prices: (prices are for the shampoo only. Bottle/cap/pump/ label/ label application cost ($0.10/unit) are not included, you can select any product you like or send us your bottles to fill, all prices are FOB from one of our facilities in Los Angeles/ CA/USA)

Sample in 2 oz white plastic bottle with black disk cap = $5.10 (in stock, order below)


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