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Spring is here!Update Your Beauty Routine for Spring

It’s your cue to switch things up with your beauty routine: this may mean changing your moisturizer, using a different cleanser and adding a stronger SPF into your regimen. With the change in temperatures, your skin will go through changes and react differently to certain products. This is why it’s so important for you to customize and update your skin care regimen accordingly. Here are three beauty products you should incorporate into your Spring beauty routine, to prep your skin for the warmer days:

1. An Effectively Light Moisturizer 

Adding an effective moisturizer to your beauty arsenal is always a good idea, no matter the season. For spring however, a moisturizer that’s light-weight and made from a water-based non-oily formula is your best bet. The Sensitive Regenerative Moisturizer is perfect for Spring as it delivers a huge surge if vitality in order to help restore your skin to peak conditioning. It provides deep skin hydration and at the same time, it helps repair and protect your skin.

2. A Powerful Mattifying Lotion 

The hotter seasons may affect those with hyperactive oil glands a lot more than usual. To combat this, you’ll need to introduce a mattifying lotion like our Matte Shine Free Skin Lotion, into your regimen. The lotion helps eliminate excess oils by targeting the problem at the molecular level so that you will have a clear and clean skin. It leaves behind matte and shine-free skin for hours so you won’t have to deal with that heavy, sweaty and unpleasant feeling that’s left behind by excess sweat and oil.

3. A Reliable Sunscreen 

It goes without saying that any beauty routine is incomplete without SPF. For Spring, opt for a sunscreen that has slightly higher SPF. With the Sun Shield SPF 30 Cream, your skin will not have to go through unnecessary sun exposure and damage. Your skin will be able to have an even skin tone as well as a whiter and fairer color without any hindrances.

This transition is also a good time for you to do a bit of spring cleaning with your beauty shelf. It’s time to toss out the products that have expired (check your mascara!), get rid of products that did not work out for you and give your beauty tools a thorough clean.

How will you update your beauty routine for Spring?

At the end of a long day of work (whether it’s battling with difficult clients, or getting on top of all the household chores), all you would want to do is kick back on the couch with a glass of wine and just relax. Unfortunately, in most instances, skin care is often disregarded. But hey, just because you are short on time doesn’t mean you should forgo beauty altogether!

We’ve put together 3 essential skin care tips that you’ll be able to incorporate into your busy lifestyle in an instant:

1. Double Duty is Everything 

For a woman with a hectic schedule, it’s incredibly important to streamline your skin care regime and keep it as fuss-free as possible. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is by picking up beauty products that are designed with a two-in-one formula. We’re talking about tinted moisturizers with SPF,  anti-aging primers and, lip and cheek stains. The best part of it all? These double duty products are not only time-savers, they’re much easier on your pockets (less products to buy) and they keep clutter at bay!

2. Get a Facial While You Sleep 

A girl needs her beauty sleep, no matter how busy she gets! So while you rest, why not get your skin to work its magic? Supercharge your beauty sleep by introducing an effective and reliable sleeping mask or night cream into your nighttime beauty routine. Our MD-12 Advanced Anti-Aging Cream is a holy grail for the busy woman. Slather it on your freshly cleansed face and wake up to radiant glowing skin!

3. Rely on a Fuss-Free 3 Step Skin Care Regime

We’re not saying that you need a skin care regime as comprehensive (and a little over the top, if we’re to be very honest) as the 12-Step regime that most beauty-savvy Koreans swear by. (In fact, their regimen can span anywhere between 10 to 17 steps!) Essentially, a reliable, fuss-free and hardworking skincare regimen should cover the big three of skin care: cleansing, exfoliating (toning) and moisturising. It’s a routine that’s easy to keep up with and once you get into the habit, you’ll breeze through getting ready in the morning in no time!

What’s your favourite skin care tip?