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FAQ About Our Stock Private Label and Custom Private Label Products and Services:

More information on our stock private label and custom private label products:

FAQ for stock private label products:

Stock private label produces are the products you see on our website and they are sold as is, no formula changes:

1- Minimum order: between 50-100 units, some may require 500-1000 units, you will know the minimum order by checking each product page and see the lowest minimum we offer on that specific product, if the product shows 50 units price as lowest minimum then the minimum is 50 and so on.
2- Packaging: due to the fact that we buy certain packaging at very high volume we are able to get low prices on these packaging and are able tooter it to our clients at low cost, you will be able to see the stock packaging on each product page, you can also change the packaging to any packaging you like either by checking our stock cosmetic packaging that may be offered at low quantity or you can also send us your packaging (send us samples for our approval first), if you select to get a different packaging than our stock packaging all what you need to do is to deduct $0.40/ unit from the prices you see on the website and add your own packaging cost. Also we get a lot of emails asking can you put my logo on the packaging? the answer is of course, private label means the product will be under your logo, your company name, your brand. We don't just simply print your logo on the jar by ourselves, this is a process, you first need to place your order and once you pay for your order one of our sales team will contact you to work on your order, you will need to get labels artworks designs in which you will need to hire an art designer or we can refer you to one, the art designer will work with you to get all info on how you want your logo/ brand look and you will to give him the product name, company name, company website ... we will send you some examples of hows a label or box looks like so you can get an idea (we can only do this AFTER you place your order and pay for it), then you need to follow through the look of the designs we have and create your own on how you wish/ dream your brand should look, this is an exciting stage so try to do it right, after that PLEASE  send us the artwork BEFORE you print anything so we can approve and make sure your labels and box will fit beautifully for your jar/ bottle ...
3- Prices on the website: if the product shows it is packaged in a jar or bottle then the price includes the product and the bottle/ jar, if the product does not show there is a bottle or a jar included in the price then the price is only for the product (for example: if the product shows as packaged in 1.7 oz milan acrylic jar or packaged in 1 oz white airless jar and so on then this means the price includes the jar or bottle .., if it does not say packaged in certain jar or bottle then the price does not include the packaging and you need to add the cost of your packaging whatever you select) . You will also need to add: label cost (see below) + label application cost $0.10/ label/ unit + box cost if needed + assembly bottle/ jar in a box (between $0.18-0.3/ unit depend on quantity and the type of box and if we are adding shrink sleeve …)
4- Silkscreen/ labeling: we only offer labeling for any order less than 5000 units per item, if you need silkscreen then you will need to order 5000 units per product. Prices on the website do not include the label or label application fee. We are a cosmetic manufacturer not a printing company and for this reason we do NOT offer label/ boxes printing as some other private label re-seller out there in which they are not private label contract manufacturer but they buy bulk from companies like ours and package it for you and they may have printers to print simple labels for you, however we can connect you with some label/ box printing companies, their minimum is 1000 labels per product, no exception, if you are ordering 50, 100, 250, 500 units per product you have few options: first to order 1000 labels per product and use 50, 100. 250 … and keep the rest for further orders, 2nd order the products un-labeled and label them yourself, 3rd ask us about some online printing companies that can print simple labels for you to get started at low minimum and once you start selling larger volume per item you can then switch to the label companies we work with and order based on their minimum. We get asked about the approximate cost of 1000 labels per item: cost will vary depend on artwork and size of the label but for 1000 labels and without any silver/ gold hot stamp we think it will cost between $0.10-0.15/ label plus set up fees, the cost will go lower when the label quantity is higher.
5- Box printing: we work with several printing companies, they minimum is 1000 box per product. We get asked about the approximate cost of 1000 box per item: cost will vary depend on artwork and size of the box but for 1000 labels and without any silver/ gold hot stamp we think it will cost between $0.35-0.45/ box plus set up fees, the cost will go lower when the label quantity is higher.
6- Lead time: In general 6-8 weeks start from the day we get the payment on the invoice + all materials, labels, boxes and everything else related to your order. Also lead time starts from the day we get all your signature on all formulas approval forms and the invoice. 
7- Payment terms: In general 100% in advance by wire transfer, no exception. We may accept other payments terms such as 50% in advance and balance before delivery for clients we already worked with for a certain period of time and at specific sales volume. If you like to use your credit card you can simply order through our website and then modify it after you order by emailing or contacting us, do not worry about us sending you the order exactly like how you ordered it on the website as we normally do not do this, all orders go step by step and clients will be approving all steps until the product shipped to their specifications. The only way for you to pay by credit card is ordering through the website or pay through paypal and on paypal you can always use your credit card or debit card. 
8- Samples ordering: you can order on the website if product offered as a sample and can be ordered or you can email us the list of samples you are interested in and your address so our sales team can work on the final cost for you. Online samples ordering is for US customers only, international customers need to email us with the samples they are interested in purchasing with their address we will then email them back with the final cost.
9- Getting templates/ or label and box die lines: we will be happy to send you the stock packaging label and box die lines only AFTER you order and pay for your order, there is no need to do so when you have not yet placed your order. Labels/ box artworks can be done AFTER you place your order and pay for it.
10-Fulfillment services in the USA: We can refer you to some companies our clients work with, we also can ship directly to your vendors/ Amazon ….
11- Fulfillment services in the UK + shipping to Amazon UK: very soon we will offer this service.
12- Prices for products: while we are doing our best to show prices for as many as we can of stock private label products, our marketing team is still working on other products so if you don't see prices for stock products please email us the product you are interested in, make sure to add the size and the quantity.
13- Ordering stock private label products in bulk: minimum 55 gallons per product, no exception. Prices are similar to the 5000 units price minus $0.20 per unit for filling cost minus $0.40 per unit for the stock packaging if the product price includes packaging. It is very simple as that. If a product is sold at 1 oz at $3.00 for 5000 units, then deduct $0.20 per unit + $0.40 per unit = $0.60 total from the $3.00 = $2.40/ 1 oz. One gallon is equal to approximately 128 oz = $2.40x 128 = $307.20 per gallon, minimum 55 gallon.
14- All prices are FOB from one of our facilities in LA.

15- Shipping your packaging or raw materials (after getting our approval): please do not ship without emailing us first to get one of our facilities address, your order may be filled at a different location, all raw materials should NOT be shipped to our Paramount/ CA location, please email your Mediderm customer service rep to get all info.

16- You must send us your labels and boxes artworks before you print, we must approve your artworks/ claims first or we will not label or box your products we will simply ship you the products filled un-labeled and un-boxed. Your labels and boxes artworks MUST comply with all FDA and US cosmetic labeling law, no exception, we have the right to reject already printed labels and boxes if they do not meet the FDA labeling requirements, please visit the FDA website to research more on all their labeling requirements. This is YOUR BRAND AND YOUR OWN COMPANY and you will need to do your own research plus seek a legal advise on your own. NO acne, skin whitening, skin lightening, pain, hair loss, hair growth ...  or any OTC claims are allowed on labels or boxes or inserts. This is the FDA labeling requirement, in order for you to label a product with say "acne treatment" ... you must have an ingredient that is approved by them to be used for acne PLUS YOUR product (under your own name and brand, in your OWN packaging) must pass 90 days OTC compatibility and stability PLUS your labels must be an OTC labels. While we know there are 1000s of other companies are selling products with OTC names and claims and never follow the FDA guidelines, we will not allow our customers to do same. This is for your own protection, you can simply change the acne word to blemishes or skin breakout and not use an OTC claim and still sell a product that target oily skin with blemishes. This also applies for all international customers as well, even though you may not sell your products in the USA, as long as we are manufacturing your products we will have to follow the US FDA labeling requirements. 

17- Getting prices for all items or getting ingredients for all items: we get emails asking us to send catalogs or PDF files on 200+ stock private label items, prices and full ingredients list, we do NOT offer such catalogs or files, you can simply navigate through the website of the products you are interested in and you can find the prices on each product, if a product have no prices please feel free to email us. In regard of full ingredient list for 200+ products we will not post them online, you can simply email us to get this info, we will need your full company name, your full name, your address, your website, your phone # in order to release this info.

Custom private label produces are the products that are made custom for you based on your specifications:

For custom formulas, we charge  $1500-$3000+ per product chemist fee. It will require two months to develop a sample for you, and only after you pay the fee in advance of the work. Once you approve of the sample, it requires another three months to pass stability testing. Upon passing stability, it requires from six to eight weeks to receive your first order, and this too depends upon when we receive labels and package. Minimum orders for custom formulas range from 5000-10000 per product.

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